Falling trilogy has been a big joint study of the Mono collective, guided by Silvia Bennett.
After Falling apart, Falling in love, and Falling Asleep, we set out to make a piece called Falling, in which we elaborated all the experiences of a one year creation of Falling trilogy, in one piece.

    Silvia Bennett and myself have worked in this period back to back, trying different ways how we could accomplish our joint vision artisticly and productionally. Falling was the last piece we had created within the collective.
Although we created only a 20 minutes preview, it is a very representative performance to our collaboration, where light is part of the dramaturgy and choreography and direction from a visual angle can keep an emancipated position continuously developing each other.
In this piece we are working not only with the movement scores that contributed to the trilogy, but i was working with light and composition in space in a filmic way, to get an answer to our question: can live editing be useful for theater staging? Do we get the same connotations as the ones we get watching a film? What do we experience in such a situation, knowing that everything happens amongst 3 walls, all is encapsulated in the black box?


  • Choreography: Silvia Bennett
  • Dramaturgy, light and scenography: Emese Csornai
  • Dance: Silvia Bennett, Federica Dauri, Marta Vila Peterson, Laryssa Kim

special thanks to Margherita Rashid Landi

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