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studio 52nd

Studio 52nd is a great organisation. They set for themselves the goal that is the desire for many of us – the use and practise of the human voice. It is an organisation in Amsterdam East, they work with neighbourhood children, they provide them with the chance of writing their own piece for professional actors and directors, or in other projects they are given the chance to act with a professional.

These young writers put the unimaginable on paper. Superspider, rock-chicken who has stage fright, a blue stone who wants to be human, and a dancing bull, a rotten onion, and Hellmouth in the Rotten teeth restaurant, where the waiter is a fork, to mention just a few.

For my pleasure I was asked to draw backgrounds for these lively pieces, since each performance is a collection of 7-8 makers. The common scenes are done by a set designer, and the fast changing imaginary scenarios are drawn out and projected in the back of the set.

I introduce here a few of these drawings.

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