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Zoo mantras a.k.a. Sleepwalkers/ reconstruction

In the framework of Tierforme(l)n, a small festival that took place at Sophiensaele, I was lighting Zoo mantras and an improvisation entitled Tierforme/l/n, 2017 September.

Simone Forti is an iconic figure of dance of today, and she took this place in the most unpretentious manner. For me the interest to participate came from different motivations: I have been a longtime admirer of Capoeira Angola, so for me examining interpretation and intentions of embodying animal behavior, experiencing an array of objectives was important. To make a reconstruction of an existing work never happened before in my working life. I took on the challenge of the expectation of staying visually quiet, yet bringing another direction and rhythm into the room, and bring a tone of presence to the performance. I was glad to work together with unpretentious performing artists who would playfully channel the work.

This was my first time working at Sophiensaele, and this was a dream for me from years before I moved to Berlin. Not only was I working there, but I was making lighting design for two rooms in the same week. One idea to brush through two completely different rooms, in one improvised, in another scripted, with the video reference of Simone Forti’s original performance.

Choreography and Original Performance: Simone Forti
Dance: Claire Filmon and Martin Nachbar

Dramaturgy: Sigrid Gareis
Light: Emese Csornai

Photos by: Renata Chueire

Production management: Susanne Beyer


The piece of Aline Landreau explores both the feeling of losing ground and that of finding it again, in focusing on the different notions of foundation and (under)ground. What kind of structures are carrying us, concretely as well as metaphorically ? From which areas emerges the desire to set (down) movement and voice, until gesture and speech appear, in the temporary common space proposed by the piece ?

I have collaborated with Bruno Pocheron on lighting this work, him designing a system of communication between vvvv, and parameters of sound input, choosing color, me drawing upon the dramaturgy of the piece and designing the rest what concerns light for the performance. I have been imagining a finite place (that has been represented by the set) and made it appear unstable in a variety of ways. The choreography lead us out from this microcosm to a much broader space with a different orientation.

Full cast:

Concept: Aline Landreau
Performance, voice and text: Aline Landreau, Sébastien Chatellier
Music: Antoine Monzonis-Calvet
Light: Emese Csornai, Bruno Pocheron
Scenography: Aline Landreau, Bruno Pocheron
Dramaturgic advice: Thomas Schaupp
Costumes and outside eye: Marion Montel
Vocal coaching: Ute Wassermann

Photos by Dieter Hartwig

Production Raisa Kröger / M.i.C.A. – DE, Charlotte Giteau & Sandrine Barrasso / Météores – FR
PR Barbara Gstaltmayr
Coproduction Tanzfabrik – funded by Senate of Berlin for Culture and Europe, La Cabine / Le Pad Angers, Honolulu Nantes (FR).
With the support of the city of Nantes, CCNN – National Choreographic Center of Nantes, the Loire Atlantique Department, the Région Pays de la Loire, CNDC Angers, Wiesen.55 Berlin and Fonds Transfabrik – the French-German fund for performing arts.      

24th of November 2017 • GRAND HUIT, Honolulu and CCNN – National choreographic center, Nantes
1st and 2nd of June 2017 • Tanzfabrik Berlin

Summer news

Sounddance Festival is rapidly approaching! I am glad to invite you to Dock 11, where a nice collection of Berlin-based artists are going to show their recent works that relate to or are instant composition works. The festival organised by Jenny Haack will take place from the 20th of July. Both weeks there will be different performances each night, Thursday through Sunday. I am doing the technical direction of the festival and will be the lighting designer and technician for some of the performances too, alongside with Aurora Rodriguez and Asier Solana.

Another good news for performing artists: the dates of the next workshop ‘Performing Space’ has clarified!

The workshop will be October 2-6, each day between 14-17h at Studio Laborgras in Kreuzberg.

More information will follow soon!

The immaterial world

This performance is a solo piece of Julyen Hamilton, playing on the border of the graspable and non-graspable, sanity and ghostly, life and death.

I designed light or this performance in 2016 July at Dock11 Berlin as a part of Impro Xchange festival, and on St. John’s Island in Canada, on the Festival of new dance.

This is my take on the beyond
as it resides right in the here and now.

It is both eerie and assuring; it wavers calmly on the edge
of perception and understanding.

It provides little reference except
the movement of
and the sounds from
the body.

“Welcome to the Immaterial World.”

(text by Julyen Hamilton)

More information here

Stills taken from the performance at St. John’s Island

The Forerunner

Solo performance of Julyen Hamilton, for which I designed lighting at Dock11 in July 2015.

The FORERUNNER’ is the descendent of actions past bringing strands of insight for the future.
He is the pioneer of the next moment; he is apart;
He was born multiple times; he is wild card, thief, idiot and sage.
He speaks the moment and dances the present and dares to talk from
within his understanding to beyond its limits.
He says: ‘here…. a mirror if you wish’
In ‘The FORERUNNER’ full sentences and paragraphs stem from the body dancing and the mind and heart raving.

‘The FORERUNNER’ (performed so far in Germany, Iceland, Spain) follows ‘The Immaterial World’
which has been performed many times throughout Europe and the States and Russia.

(Text by Julyen Hamilton)

Concept / Dance / Decor / Text: Julyen Hamilton
Costume: Orlando
Lights: Emese Csornai
Cover photograph by Patrick Beelaert

Video link can be found here

Rest of the photographs are stills from the video recording made at Dock11 in July 2015