Falling trilogy

The falling trilogy is the first project of mono collective. The word “falling” contains a series of imagery that refers to actual falls due to the factor of gravity; at the same time “falling” as a word can also be used metaphorically.

Mono decided to unify metaphors and actual meanings. Realizing that when someone falls apart, in love or even asleep, the surrendering to gravity transforms into a surrendering of the ego – Mono collective wanted to overcome the fear of falling and just experience the feeling of it.


To fall is to lose something – and obtain a state of the body that is new and unknown. Falling represents a state of mind that includes as well the entire body. It is something that usually no one decides to do, but it is just happening. It is one aspect of the real self since all the senses, mind and body come together in the exact instant before one lands – the moment that one can’t do anything to control or avoid it – helplessly one looks for something to hold on to.

To let go and fall completely without a safety net and see what happens next.

To fall, not knowing where we will land is the reason of our choice to make the falling trilogy.

There has been a preview, and 3 performances of falling performed:

  • Falling apart
  • Falling in love
  • Falling asleep

In this process I was exceeding the regular barriers even of elaborated light design. I was at the first brainstorms, at rehearsals, suggesting assignments based on light, workshoping dancers with overhead projector, attending the training, taking my share from productional tasks…In each falling we have been trying a different way of integrating light design and dramaturgy. In each case I got a lot of freedom. It was a period of intensive artistic exchange between Silvia Bennett and myself, that resulted in further collaboration after Mono collective too.

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