Entre Temps 2

This piece is the choreography of Khouloud Yassine. I had the honour to work togther with her at Dansmakers Amsterdam on her Extra Time performance in 2011.The year after we worked on Entre Temps 2 in Theater Monnot in Beirut.
Khouloud is working based on rythmic subdivisions, and in this performance she shows in how many ways her body relates to music and how it becomes an instrument on stage.

Although I was integrated in the creation in the last two weeks only, it was an assignment that comes very close to elaborate working. Light in this piece is used in an emancipated way, seriously taken and analyticly discussed. Each decision of shade was a new dramaturgical decision, and all ideas where thoroughly discussed amongst Khouloud and Khaled Yassine and myself.
The piece has been played in Marseille at Dansem Festival in 2013 and in Dansfabrik Arabic Festival Brest in 2014.

  • choreography and dance : Khouloud Yassine
  • percussion, musical composition : Khaled Yassine
  • oud : Oussama Abdelfattah
  • light: Emese Csornai


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