Handcrafted mirror installation
9 pieces spread over 2㎥

What are we doing here?
Gathering and spreading lights, searching for truth or relevance, filtered by our distortion, depending on each other.

Previously exhibited in Chassekerk in 2008 and in Mezrab in 2010 in The Curious Matter exhibition.

As the proprietor of the cultural space in which the works were exhibited I spent days in close proximity to the pieces. The piece that I felt most drawn to was the installation of the nine mirrors. They were beautiful to watch, sometimes resembling raindrops, other times disembodied breasts of various sizes, floating in our space. It is only after a few days of walking near them and through them that I started seeing myself and my surrounding in the mirrors. Suddenly they were transformed from an aesthetically beautiful piece to watch to a conduit for watching myself and my own space, it was a eureka moment! I usually take the time to digest a piece of art. After some time I either “get” it or not. But to think to get a piece and to be so utterly surprised by it after many days was an inspiring moment, and a testament to the playful inspiration of the artist.
Sahand Sahebdivani

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