Performing: Space

Emotional space sonic space architectural space

This 4 days workshop is analyzing instant composition and difference spacial aspects of performance. Through improvisation-based tasks, different strategies of perceiving and interpreting the space are offered.

With live music and the help of an overhead projector we decompose scenes of improvisational tasks until we find the space issue, and reverse: provide tools with the space aspect to perform in a new state of wholeness.
The work is aimed to develop a flow of contextual awareness through sonic and visual tasks. Our workshop is helpful in analyzing one’s own practice and finding new performing strategies for professional dancers.

I conduct this workshop 16-19 November 2015 with Gabor Csongradi

10-15 each day at Dock 11 (Saal 3) Berlin

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Whole workshop for: € 100

Individual days for: € 35 each

Up until the 20th of October with 15% discount!

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