NOC clip

This video clip is the official invitation for the Night of the choirs. The event took place on the 26th of July 2015 in Pécs, Hungary, as a part of the festival Europa Cantat. Please find information in Hungarian here.

The invitation to envision and direct this clip came pretty late, but I accepted it partly because of the cheerful choir composition of Gabor Csongradi the video is accompanying. The idea of choir music being something fresh and real, that can be a part of many people’s life let them be dentists, plumbers or teachers is the concept Night of choirs builds upon, that also speaks to me. It was a great experience working together with this community of volunteers contributing to the Night of choirs (also called as Kórusok éjszakája or KÉJ).


  • starring:                           Zalán Földi, Gergely Földi
  • characters:                       Tibor Botlik, Zsuzsa Fellegi, Andrea Ilona JoósÁkos Lokody, Zsófia Tettamanti, Kata Tüske
  • set design:                        Piroska Édes
  • director, editor:                 Emese Csornai
  • director of photography:   Róbert Maly
  • music:                               Gabor Csongradi
  • producer:                           Zsuzsanna Szálka

Many thanks to the members of the crowd, Dora Halas and all the singers.

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