Drop, Yet Sea

This piece is meant to create conversation between the personal point of view and the opinion formed as a society.

As light is effecting differently accompanied or opposed by other lights, so does the individual opinion-forming in reflexion of more different morals. (An expression that well captures it in Hungarian language to picture something in a different light, means to show another point of view on a phenomenon). Opinion of the individual accompanied can grade polarised, radicalised, or even antagonistic.

It’s interesting to capture when can the conviction of the self turn multitudeous, and when it submits to public will. Or even how the concern of a self can be stimulated by mass, even with a diverse impulse. We approach the case study of ambition of individual and mass by an intensive multidisciplinary workshop, with mimers and a light graphitian, through individual and community self practices.

My ambition for this initiation is to observe and become more conscious about the relationship between the individual and an individual part of an environment, by the basic visual oppositions of light-antilight, still-image and motion. This in my point of view is necessary in balancing out society matters.
Emese Csornai

Tools used:

  • Overhead projector
  • A projection screen cutting the space parallel to the audience
  • The light sources and shadows of the mimers

The overhead projector is a storyteller. From the audience side it’s guiding the persons of the story through their scenarios. From behind the screen the mimers with their shadows, and with the light sources they have (which locally destroys the image projected by the overhead projector), are filling in the pages of the story.

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