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Zoo mantras a.k.a. Sleepwalkers/ reconstruction

In the framework of Tierforme(l)n, a small festival that took place at Sophiensaele, I was lighting Zoo mantras and an improvisation entitled Tierforme/l/n, 2017 September.

Simone Forti is an iconic figure of dance of today, and she took this place in the most unpretentious manner. For me the interest to participate came from different motivations: I have been a longtime admirer of Capoeira Angola, so for me examining interpretation and intentions of embodying animal behavior, experiencing an array of objectives was important. To make a reconstruction of an existing work never happened before in my working life. I took on the challenge of the expectation of staying visually quiet, yet bringing another direction and rhythm into the room, and bring a tone of presence to the performance. I was glad to work together with unpretentious performing artists who would playfully channel the work.

This was my first time working at Sophiensaele, and this was a dream for me from years before I moved to Berlin. Not only was I working there, but I was making lighting design for two rooms in the same week. One idea to brush through two completely different rooms, in one improvised, in another scripted, with the video reference of Simone Forti’s original performance.

Choreography and Original Performance: Simone Forti
Dance: Claire Filmon and Martin Nachbar

Dramaturgy: Sigrid Gareis
Light: Emese Csornai

Photos by: Renata Chueire

Production management: Susanne Beyer