End of our season with On Being Ill!

Looking forward to welcome you on further shows in the Autumn Season!

On Being Ill is a sound and movement installation piece. The subject of the installation is illness, and its starting point is the book from Virginia Woolf with the same title.

The narrative is a journey along the spine, embodiment of several conditions of illness, and where the illness is never an end point, a result to evaluate, merely a starting point.

The project is a research of presence, and is directed to explore the possible mental and emotional states resulting of acute physical condition. On Being Ill is driving our attention to the content of certain conditions, releasing them from their dogmatic brackets of dictated value.

The piece has been played at the following locations and dates:

  • 10th April – OT301
  • 11th April – Melkweg Theater
  • 17th May – Muiderpoort Theater
  • 2nd June – Het Veem Theater

With the support of:

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