The market

The Market is a graphic novel I am now busy with.
On the level of forms, this book is the 2D summary of what I have been busy with in 3D in theater lighting (and drawing of course)

I have launched a kickstarter campaign to develop the content, make 100 copies in Fablab Berlin and hand-bind them. Although the campaign was not successful, I have found enough support to carry out a downsized version of the original plan. The book will be finished 2017 spring.

If you wanted a copy in pre-sale, please contact me personally.

The Market is a story of a couple who discover a mall. This mall is full of objects that look curious but their functions are unclear. As a gag, they buy one object each, but from this point on their lives take a strange turn, this event makes their existence revolve around the market…
Pictures from the old blueprint may be seen here:

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