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Workshop in Berlin

From the 16th to the 19th of November, Every day between 10h and 15h I give a workshop at Dock 11 Berlin for professional dancers! The topic is the uses of space. With the help of the music and sonic perspective of Gabor Csongradi, and overhead projection in space, we provide a chance, tools and moderation for the analysis of the performing space. The speciality of this workshop is that it processes the space-issue from another perspective than the one of the movers’. This work enhances the performers’ presence, and compex compositional awareness.

See also on the website of Dock 11 or in the teaching section.



Doos at TF jong festival

TF-LOGO-2015-goud-beleef_224-224x118Dear childrens’ theatre lovers, and Tri Co. fans! I have a cheerful announcement to make: Doos,  Mr. Hat’s newest adventure is invited to Amsterdam again!

The piece will be played as a part of Dutch Theatre Festival, on the 4th of September, both in the morning and afternoon. For more information and ticket bookings please see the programme of Oostblok.

The Market on Kickstarter

I am glad to have you on my refreshed website!

Let me welcome you with some good news:

At the moment ‘The Market’ is in my creative focus. I have agreed with Fablab Berlin and placed a Kickstarter campaign to carry out my goal : I want to produce 100 copies of my hand-bound graphic novel, that is between an art-book, a playful bridge between 2D and 3D, and a bedtime story for grown-ups. If you are fond of the idea of developing this work and materializing it in such scale, please visit my campaign!

Update: The campaign was too big, I could not realize my goal, but I go on with the book and make a smaller amount of copies. Please see The Market post to follow the development of the project.